New album

I've made a new album, it's called "Mental Floss" and it's very good. I'm just finishing up the cover art with Kate Evans (, and it'll be ready for mid February 2016 (online and in CD form), when I'm coming out to do a flurry of gigs. Also a new video is on the way, and a book of all the words I've ever written (well the ones that are good enough for public consumption anyway). Hopefully they'll all be ready at the same time - but we'll see.

A poem for February

Dying, we're all dying
Some quicker than others
And anyone who says they're not dying
Is lying.

But while we're not quite dead
We're still living,
Launching offspring
Despatching parents
To keep all bellies full
And all heads above water.

Retaining some perspective
Finding some joy
Keeping some semblance of personal freedom
Some spark
Some thriving
In the living
Part of dying.

The torture of songwriting

Songwriting hurts, it physically hurts, like childbirth or managing to have a crap after being constipated for 3 months (2 very similar experiences as a matter of fact). When I write a song it comes out in a number of different ways.

Booking Gigs, writing songs, chasing chickens....

I love this time of year because I get to hang around at home with the kid, dog, chickens and handsome man. I hate this time of year because I have to do my own nut in trying to work out a plan for next year - what way around the country to go, who's paying what for me playing where?

Hattie's great new blog

This is where you can find out what I have been up to, What is going to happen and other related and random news.