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Descended from a long line of theatricals, I have been writing and performing my unique brand of musical entertainment for over 17 years.
I began entertaining the masses back in the early 90's as a performance poet in Brixton, where I discovered I could make people laugh. The mid 90's were spent embroiled in the road protest movement, keeping fit and active running away from coppers and security guards and shinning up trees. I lived in tree-houses, benders, ditches, yurts, trucks, shepherds huts and horse-drawn wagons and spent my time writing, laughing, chopping wood, hauling water, busking and playing the fool. In the late 90's I learnt to play the accordion, closely followed by the ukulele and then the pain of everyday reality and a tonne of life experience manifested itself into a growing collection of comedy songs.
I have played gigs, cabarets and festivals all over the UK and Europe for over 17 years, including long stints in the UK, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland. I have performed alone, in duos, trios, street bands and circuses. Years of experience busking and gigging has seen me grow into an excellent songwriter and a relaxed, funny and engaging performer.
More recently I have played alongside a diverse array of acts including, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Ian MacMillan, Rory Mcleod, Martin Carthy, The Invisible Circus, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and The Wurzels.
A great addition to any cabaret night, folk night, punk night, festival, or musical comedy evening. I can entertain the whole spectrum from kids and wayward teenagers, to parents, grannies, punks, party heads and radio 4 listeners.
I'm currently working on a new album coming out in February, booking gigs for 2016 and making a new video.

" After 17 years of poking fun at everyone and everything on the festival and club circuit, Hattie Hatstar is a finely tuned weapon, using wit to make occasionally serious points." - (Jules Bushell).
"If you like your music spliced with humour and a bit of banter then Hattie Hatstar will be right up your street." - (Musicport festival).
"It's not a festival until you've seen Hattie Hatstar" - (late night glastonbury festival audience member and long term Hat-fan).

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